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                    The Ophthalmology Clinic at Suining Central Hospital (SCH) had been established before the foundation of New China, and the inpatient ward was established in 1972. The Ophthalmology Department could carry out DCR, trabeculectomy, and cataract extraction at that time, and it was one of the few ophthalmology departments in Sichuan Province which could perform operations of glaucoma and cataract. After the efforts of generations of staff, it has now become the most normative, professional, and largest oculopathy treatment center and the only provincial key specialty of ophthalmology in the central area of Sichuan. The Ophthalmology Department includes the inpatient ward with 60 beds, the Ophthalmology Clinic, the Special Examination Center, the Strabismus and Amblyopic Training Center, the Excimer Myopia Treatment Center, and the Optometry Clinic. In recent years, staff members have been successively awarded "Sichuan Provincial May 1st Labor Medal" and honorary titles including "Sichuan Provincial Outstanding Member of CPC", "Suining Municipal Labor Competition Model", "Sichuan Provincial Labor Competition Model", and "Suining Excellent Doctor", etc. The department has established sub-specialties including cataract, glaucoma, ocular fundus disease, pediatric eye disease, optometry, and ceratonosus, etc. The yearly out–patient visit is nearly 80,000 person-time, in-patient discharge over 4000 person-time, and 3500 procedures and operations are performed annually.

                    Staff Structure

                    The Ophthalmology Department is staffed by 14 doctors and 19 nurses at present, among whom there are 1 chief physician,5 associate chief physicians, 5 associate chief nurses, and 9 staff received doctor's or master's degree. There are 8 vice-chairmen, standing committee members, members of provincial academic professional committees, 4 of municipal academic professional committees, and 1 expert of Sichuan Provincial Ophthalmology Quality Control Center.

                    Scientific Research & Teaching

                    In recent 5 years, the Ophthalmology Department has carried out over 10 new techniques which are domestically advanced. In recent 3 years, it has undertaken 12 municipal scientific research projects with 8 Municipal Scientific Research Achievements, has won 1 Third Prize of Sichuan Provincial Medical Science and Technology Award, 1 Second Prize of Suining Municipal Labor Tournament Achievement, 4 Third Prizes of Suining Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, has obtained 4 national patents, and has published more than 70 papers in national and provincial medical journals.

                    In recent years, the Ophthalmology Department has successively held Sichuan provincial continuing education course for 3 times and hosted regional ophthalmology academic conference for several times. It is currently a national standardized residency training base of ophthalmology with 5 trainees from all over the country. It undertakes the theoretical and practical teaching of ophthalmology for North Sichuan Medical College and theoretical teaching for Yaan Vocational & Technical College, and it receives over 30 refresher doctors, residents, and interns yearly. Suining Technical Steering Office for Blindness Prevention was twice set up in the Ophthalmology Department of SCH by Suining Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission in 2008 and 2016. Being the lead institution of Suining Technical Steering Group for Blindness Prevention, the Ophthalmology Department at SCH provides clinical technical guidance for all the ophthalmology departments in Suining. It is also the training base of Bausch Lomb Coaxial 1.8mm micro-incision cataract technique at present which undertakes the training task of cataract surgery for trainees from many places.


                    The department is equipped with various advanced examination and treatment equipment with a total value of over ten million Yuan. The equipment includes Allegretto wave eye-q excimer laser myopia treatment system, anterior eye segment analysis system, cataract ultrasonic emulsification instrument, Carl Zeiss and Leica high resolution surgery microscopes, fundus fluorescein angiography, imported fundus laser therapeutic instrument, anterior segment YAG laser machine, full-automatic computer perimeter, phoropter, imported A/B ultrasound machine dedicated for Ophthalmology Department, optical coherence tomography, minimally invasive high speed vitrectomy system, UBM and IOLMaster, automatic dispensing equipment, and various strabismus and amblyopia training systems, etc.

                    Main areas of expertise

                    The Ophthalmology Department at Suining Central Hospital carries out various kinds of oculopathy with exquisite skills and strong technical force. Presently, it is one of the few ophthalmology departments which carry out penetrating corneal transplantation in the southwest area of China and the only one which carries out vitrectomy and orbital tumor resection in the central area of Sichuan. The department routinely carries out corneal transplantation, vitrectomy for various vitreous hemorrhage, the operations of ablatio retinae, choroidal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, macular membrane peeling, and idiopathic macular hole, etc. In the central area of Sichuan, it was the first to carry out myopia treatment by laser in 2002 and has completed over 10000 cases; it is the only one which carries out coaxial micro incision cataract phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation and has completed nearly 20000 cases. The department takes the lead in the surgical correction of complex strabismus, ocular surface anaplasty, and the emergency treatment of ocular trauma in the central area of Sichuan, and has established the only standardized training center for strabismus and amblyopia. It also routinely carries out glaucoma filtering operation and drainage valve implantation. The Optometry Clinic carries out medical optometry and customization of frame glasses, Ortho-KCL, and RGP.

                    Characteristic techniques

                    • Vitrectomy for all kinds of vitreoretinopathy

                    This technique fills the gap in the central area of Sichuan and places the Ophthalmology Department in the leading position among hospitals of the same level in Sichuan. It brings hope to patients with detached retina, terminal diabetic retinopathy, and severe ocular trauma. Over 1000 operations of vitreum and retina have been performed with satisfactory effects since it was first carried out 4 years ago.

                    • Myopia treatment by laser

                    The Ophthalmology Department was the first to carry out myopia treatment by laser in the central area of Sichuan in 2002 and has completed over 10000 cases without failure. It has helped many myopes get rid of glasses successfully. The department recently introduced the newest Excimer laser system which makes the operation safer and the postoperative visual quality better.

                    • Phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation

                    The Ophthalmology Department was the first to carry out phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation in the central area of Sichuan and nearly 2000 cataract operations are performed annually with satisfying effects, of which most are complicated and traumatic cataracts.

                    • Surgical correction of complex strabismus, ocular surface anaplasty, and emergency treatment of ocular trauma.
                    • Glaucoma screening, including screening through medicine, filtering operation, drainage valve implantation, cryotherapy, etc.
                    • Diagnosis and treatment of various keratitis, dacryocystitis, uveitis, ocular trauma, and ocular surface diseases.
                    • The Optometry Clinic offers comfortable optical service including medical optometry, customization of frame glasses, Ortho-KCL, and RGP for patients, and also provides professional health education of optical knowledge for ametropes.